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January 2015

Into the Woods Review

The new film Into the Woods, based on the musical by Stephen Sondheim, which is itself based on the Grimm fairy tales, is a whimsical romp that twists several stories together to focus on one thing; wishes and their consequences.

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Art is Porn? A quick look at ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia.

Spoilers: Before reading, please watch the music video ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia.

So if you haven’t been living in a cave for the last year, by now you surely would have heard of Sia. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you would definitely know one of her songs, considering the amount of radio play she has been getting. And I imagine that we will be hearing a lot more about her in the coming weeks. This week saw the release of the music video for Sia’s new song, ‘Elastic Heart’. An amazing song, that is now, unfortunately, getting a lot of association with pedophilia due to people’s interpretation of the video.

I was lucky to have seen the video before all the comments came out, and I must say, not once did I link the video to pedophilia. What I saw, was the conflict between the mind of a child and an adult. The child, wild and free to go anywhere it chooses with no limitations, and the adult, strong, but stuck within the confines of a cage, unable to escape and be wild like it wants to. The video was simple, creative, and very emotional, particularly the final scenes where the adult is trying, and failing to escape its confines.

So why the association to something so depraved? Some of the comments I have read say that the plain clothing is overtly sexual.  Because it is skintight? Because it is skin coloured? It doesn’t look nice? I think the reason these particular clothes were chosen was to attempt to eliminate the idea of gender. Nothing more than that. It was not made to look pretty, that goes against the whole point of the video’s message.

Other people have been saying that some of the dance moves are too sexual. Again, I fail to see how. You don’t see the dancers grinding against each other or touching anywhere inappropriate. I felt that the way Shia LeBeouf carried Maddie Ziegler, was more like a father would carry their child, especially when he started making funny faces at her.

I think people are too quick to judge someone or something as pedophilia. Before making a judgement that could ultimately ruin a person’s life and/or career, look at all the content, and come to an informed decision yourself. Too often I see people making brass statements based on other peoples opinions, and never looking at the content themselves.

This is art. Not porn.

Watch the video and make a judgement for yourself.

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