As usual, I have discovered an album long after it has been released. I am always a little late when it comes to musical releases, but I sometimes think that this is a good thing, because then I am in the right mood to actually listen to the music, rather that trying to force myself into enjoying it.

Burn Your Fire for No Witnesses is the second studio album for American folk and indie singer, Angel Olsen. Released in February 2014, the album is everything you expect from a folk album. It’s twangy, with invocations of loneliness and daydreaming. In fact, the third track on the album, ‘High Five‘ revels gleefully in it’s mood of loneliness. With soulful questions such as “Are you lonely too?” and the warbling answer “HIGH FIVE, I AM TOO!”, the song is breath catching and tantalizing.

The voice of Angel Olsen is enchanting, and it makes me think of driving down a long road lined with huge oak trees. Her lyrics are touching, and often speak of things I always wonder myself. Such as the lyrics “I wish it were the same as it is in my mind” from the song ‘Enemy‘, a lamenting song of daydreaming and being stuck in your head, and how sometimes it is lonely to be a daydreamer.

This album is a wonderful contrast to all the regular pop music that is currently on the radio. The lyrics are honest and poetic, and the electrifying music only adds to the storytelling. If you want to listen to something relaxing or just need something new and different to listen to, check out the album.