Spoilers Ahoy!

The seventh installment of the Furious franchise is an action packed joyride of adrenaline, and a bittersweet farewell to the late actor Paul Walker. With over the top stunts and car chase sequences, this new installment is hands down, the most action fueled of the series, with many stunts that will be hard to beat.

The story follows the gang, in the aftermath of defeating Owen Shaw. Settled down back home, Dominic (Diesel) and Lettie (Rodriguez) are attempting to get Lettie’s memory back with race wars,  and Brian (Walker) is trying to accustom himself to living a simple, bullet-free life with his girlfriend and son. Their peace is shattered when the past comes back for revenge. Deckard Shaw, big brother to Owen Shaw shows up, vowing revenge for his little brother. The gang then gear up to not only defeat Shaw once and for all, but also to save a hacker, whom Shaw has in his sights.

The film packs a punch with its action sequences, most notably include parachuting cars from a jet plane, and a chase sequence with a drone. Ultimately, for me, the best scenes were the quiet ones, where the characters become introspective and speak of the importance of love, family and loyalty.

This installment marks the last appearance of Paul Walker in the series. Having passed away in the middle of production, the cast and crew have done a wonderful job of finishing the film with respect to the actor. Many of his scenes were completed with the use of CGI and Walkers brothers as body doubles, and it is easy to see the love that everyone has put into this movie for him. His final farewell is heartwarming and left many people, including myself, struggling to hide tears.

The film is a wonderful work to get lost in with its ideals on balancing adventure and family, and it’s action is just one of many reasons that the franchise is so popular with its fans. I hope that the series continues to be great in the future, as I have a feeling, that the cast and crew will always try to make it amazing, in memory of Paul.

I give it five stars 🙂