Daredevil, the newest Marvel installment, is a darker and grittier universe than what we have come to expect from the comic adaptations. Unlike its predecessors, such as Iron Man and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which deal with the more, fantastical and alien aspects of the superhero universe, Daredevil dedicates itself to the everyday people on the ground, who try to have regular lives in the city.

Set in the after math of The Avengers film, Daredevil sets itself in the city of Hells Kitchen, a bad neighborhood struggling to put itself together after the alien attack, and now having to suffer through crimes such as, human trafficking, drug dealing and child kidnapping. Enter our hero, Matt Murdock, a young and upcoming lawyer, who just wants to make his city a better place. He also happens to be blind after a traumatic incident when he was a child, which incidentally, has heightened all his other senses to near superhuman levels. By day, Murdock keeps innocent people out of jail. By night, he dons a dark costume and hobbles people enough to put them in hospital. Or jail. Depends if the bad guy is in a coma.

What makes the show so different from the other adaptations, is that the series shows the a world at street level. It is the violent world of a city in turmoil, and you get to see the consequences of violence and bloodshed that is inevitable when fighting evil. There are always going to be broken bones and people choking on blood when you try to kill them, and Daredevil doesn’t skip that. It is closer to reality than anything from the Marvel universe so far, and it is what makes the show great, and sets it apart from the others.

The series is also excellent in how it depicts the aftermath of violence and evil. It shows how a childhood of abuse can effect a person in their adult life, how the actions of parental figures shape our worldview, and how a violent attack can make a person forever paranoid and afraid of a world they no longer find joy in.

The action sequences are incredible for small quarters, and the story is compelling. I myself watched the entire series in one sitting, and now cannot wait to see more of the masked man. Vincent D’Onofrio is stellar as the villain, Wilson Fisk, the king of the underground world and a man with serious anger management issues. Charlie Cox has proven to be an excellent choice to be Daredevil. His ability to be optimistic in his beliefs about justice, and his ability to fight no matter the consequences, brings forth a humanity that is rarely seen in superhero tales.

Daredevil is the first of a series of Marvel ordered shows to be on Netflix. It will be followed by Marvel’s A.K.A Jessica Jones, Marvel’s Luke Cage, and Marvel’s Iron Fist, which will eventually tie in to Marvel’s The Defenders. If these shows will be as good as what I’ve just seen on Daredevil, then there will be a lot to look forward to.

The first season can currently be streamed on Netflix. Happy Viewing!!!