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June 2015


The new Netflix Original Series Sense8, comes from the amazing minds behind The Matrix trilogy and Babylon 5, The Wachowskis and J.Michael Straczynski. The show is complex and ballsy, with it’s many characters and many locations. The show is about a group of strangers, known as ‘Sensates’. Each live in different cities around the world, and none have met before, until one day, after witnessing a tragic death, they can suddenly communicate with each other mentally and emotionally.  Whilst trying to figure what is happening to them, a mysterious stranger they call Whispers is trying to hunt them down for his own sinister scientific purposes.

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John Wick

This 2014 thriller, in my opinion, is the best film Keanu Reeves has done since The Matrix trilogy was released. Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, (former stunt doubles for Reeves), the film depicts the story of John Wick, a retired hit man  who seeks vengeance for the theft of his car, and the death of his pet Beagle, which was the last gift he received from his recently deceased wife.

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