True Lies is a 1994 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie lee Curtis and Tom Arnold. Directed by James Cameron, the film was the most expensive film made at the time, with it being the first film to have a budget over $100 million. Going on to make over $378 million, the film was a commercial and critical success, winning several awards, including a Golden Globe Best Actress Award for Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance.

The film follows the story of Agent Harry Tasker, who leads a double life, performing counter-terrorist missions for the government, and pretending to be a computer salesman to his family. After missing a birthday dinner due to a Palestinian terrorist organisation, Harry decides to surprise his wife at work, only to discover that she may be having an affair. Using his connections, Harry kidnaps his wife Helen, and, utilizing a voice masking device, convinces her to do a mission for them. She is then sent to seduce a man (who is actually Harry), and plant a bug on him. During this, Aziz, the leader of the earlier mentioned terrorist group bursts in, kidnaps them, and tries to destroy the world with nuclear war heads. Lots of violence ensues thereafter as Harry and Helen try to stop him.

i remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was awesome. Now re-watching it, I realize that it is a little bit cheesy. Then again, it has Tom Arnold in it. What else can you expect but cliches and corny lines when he is in a film? Maybe it just seems cheesy now because it is an old movie. I don’t know. I also realize now just how sexist it is, and how horrible Arnie’s character is. I mean, what kind of asshole kidnaps and frightens his wife in revenge for having lunch with another man? Would it really have been that difficult to just talk to her? Then again, if he hadn’t done that, we would never have gotten to see Jamie Lee Curtis do a strip dance.

Despite this, it is still a fun movie to watch. Many of the actions scenes pull the movie together, my favourite with Arnie riding a horse in an elevator, and trying to save his daughter on a crane that is on top of a skyscraper.

The film has enough action, humor and strange plot to entertain for two hours if you are looking for a good Arnie film to watch. Though I probably will not watch it again after this. For me it no longer holds the same charm it did when I was a kid. I’ve moved on to better spy flicks.

I give it a 3 out of 5.