There are just so many things to say about the Austin Powers trilogy, but where to start?

Do I make you horny baby?

No? How about ‘Yeah, baby Yeah!’

Austin Powers is a series of action-comedy  films, created by Mike Myers.The films are a parody of various spy films and television shows, the most predominant however, is James Bond. Like the Bond films, Austin Powers is filled with sexual innuendo, strange devices, villains, women with odd names such as Alotta Fagina, Ivona Humpalot, and Robin Swallows, just to name a few, and stock characters that can be associated with many 1960’s spy films.  Austin Powers himself is like James Bond; suave, charming, yet unlike the handsome and smooth spy stereotype, Austin is unconventionally attractive, with poor dress sense and even worse teeth.

Like all good spy films, the series is based around the villain, Dr Evil, who tries to bribe and destroy the world by stealing nuclear devices, and using killer lasers on the moon. What makes these films so unique is the added element of time travel, first by cryogenic freezing, then by a time portal, which resembles star gate, and then by car.

These films are psychedelic, outrageous, deliberately inconsistent, and above all, hilariously entertaining.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


Mike Myers stars in this 1997 comedy as both Austin Powers, and villain Dr Evil. Starting in the swinging city of London, in the 1960’s, Austin is a fashion photographer by day, and a spy by night. One night, Austin goes after Dr Evil, who escapes by cryogenically freezing himself, and shooting himself  into space. Cut to 1997, and the government learns that Dr Evil is back. They go and unfreeze Austin, who also cryogenically froze himself to capture Dr Evil. Austin then tries to stop Dr Evil from destroying the world with a nuclear weapon.

This film is hilarious. I watched it when I was a kid, and it is still as funny today as it was then. It has everything you need, action, comedy, great one-liners and killer robots. The following lines sum up the film, and all the James Bond films that came before it.

Dr Evil:  Scott, I want you to meet daddy’s nemesis, Austin Powers

Scott Evil:  What? Are you feeding him? Why don’t you just kill him?

D Evil: I have an even better idea. I’m going to place him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin_Powers-_The_Spy_Who_Shagged_MeThis is my favorite film in the trilogy. Released in 1999, this film follows Austin chasing Dr Evil back to 1969, who has traveled back to the 1960’s to steal Austin’s mojo, the source of Austin’s sexual appeal. Austin then meets Felicity Shagwell, a fellow agent, and Dr Evil’s new cohorts, Fat Bastard, and, my favorite, Mini Me, who is a clone of Dr Evil, except one eight his size.


This film is better than the first one. It is more outrageous, ridiculous, and has more memorable one-liners than most films I know. How can you go wrong when you have a man the size of a planet and likes to eat babies, or seeing a midget shat out of a space suit and flung into space? Let’s not forget the the fight between Dr Evil and his son Scott on the Jerry Springer show. Not to mention all the dick jokes. And after watching it, you’ll be singing the chilli back ribs ditty for weeks. One of my fav lines:

Austin: Are you kidding, baby? I put the “grrrr” in swinger, baby! Yeah!

Austin Powers: Goldmember


The last film in the trilogy, released in 2002, has Austin going to 1975 to save his kidnapped father from the infamous Goldmember. After his rescue fails, Goldmember travels to 2002 to team up with Dr Evil, who intends to destroy the planet a with tractor beam and meteorite. This film has more cameo appearances than the other films combined, including Beyonce, Tom Cruise, and Danny DeVito and Steven Spielberg.

The plot in this is little more crazy, and twice as inconsistent, but it is still hilarious to see Mini Me fighting, Austin obsessing over a mole, and Fat Bastard somersaulting over a group of sumo wrestlers.

My Fav line:

Nigel Powers: There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

The series is one of those eclectic old time favorites that I will love until the end of time. how often will we get to see Mike Myers playing so many different characters so brilliantly all at once?

I give this series a 5 out of 5 🙂