This sci-fi film, based on the Andy Weir novel of the same name, is so far, the best film I have seen in 2015.

Why do I say that? Because it is entertaining, has an amazing plot and amazing characters with impressive story arcs and that are easy to connect with. It is filled with adventure, loss, hope and possibility.

The film depicts a mission to Mars that goes south, when during a severe storm, one of the astronauts, Mark Watney, is struck by debris. Believed to be dead by his fellow crew, they evacuate the planet and leave him behind on Mars. Watney manages to survive the storm, and must then struggle to survive on an empty planet with limited supplies, and the closest rescue mission only four years away.

This film is oddly compelling as we watch the ingenious ways that Watney manages to survive. Not once during this film did I find that was losing focus. It is humorous, thrilling and often leaves you hanging onto your seat, just wondering what more problems will arise for the lonely astronaut.

I don’t know how accurate the science is behind it all, but not once did I find myself questioning it. Normally with sci-fi, I find myself questioning every little thing that comes up, but in this, it never crossed my mind to argue about the physics of it all until I left the cinema, and even then there wasn’t much I could question. The way that the story has been set up made me believe that everything in the film was entirely true and possible. It is not often that I feel this way when watching a movie.  Give me a day or two to read more on the film and I’ll probably find something to fault with the science though. :p

The cast was stellar. Matt Damon is, as always, fantastic, and his performance as the abandoned astronaut is moving and heartwarming.Other notable mentions go to Jeff Daniels as the Director of Nasa, Jessica Chastain as Commander Lewis and Chiwetal Eijofor as the Director of Mars Missions.

This is, I believe,  the best film Scott has directed since Body of Lies, and it is great to see him doing something amazing after the horrid  and dull films Exodus and Prometheus that he has recently given us.

The Martian is a great thrill ride of s survival film. It is not as perilous as many other survival films, and that is what makes this one so unique. Problems arise and fall like dominoes, and Watney deals with them all with calm logic at every turn. Watching him never give up hope, even when he was has every right to, is a great message to us all, that anything can be survived, and anything can be achieved if your mind is put to it.

Seriously, if this film doesn’t win some awards, I’m gonna cry and lose all faith in Hollywood.

I give it 5 martians out of 5 martians. 🙂