The latest addition to the James Bond franchise, is exactly what you expect from a Bond film; an action packed, stunt filled espionage drama with sexy women for the misogynistic spy to sleep with.

The film, directed by Sam Mendes, ties all the Daniel Craig films together, as we see Bond target Spectre, a criminal organisation hell bent on world domination, whose followers included the villains from the last three films.

So, standard fare for a Bond film, and all spy films really.

Truthfully, there is nothing spectacular about the film, apart from the opening action scene in Mexico City. The opening stunt work was stellar and elaborate, which unfortunately left the film with no where to go. The best bit was over and done with and the rest of the action paled in comparison. Add the fairly boring and obvious plot and you have an otherwise unspectacular film. Which is a shame really considering that the previous installment, Skyfall was so well done.

I really shouldn’t say more for those who wish to be surprised. The film is entertaining enough, but I know I’m not likely to see it again anytime soon, no matter how good a Bond Daniel Craig makes.

The only other good thing about the film is the opening song. Like Adele’s song from Skyfall, the Spectre opening, this time sung by Sam Smith,  was a big sweeping tune that I know will be stuck in my head for awhile.

I give the film a 3 out of 5.