I’ve just come home from the cinema after seeing this movie, and I’m not going to do a proper review about the whole thing. I only have a few things to say about it. Possible Spoiler alert!

  1. If you’ve seen the trailer, then the movie will have no surprises for you. It is that predictable.
  2. There are at least 4 dream sequences and 1 hallucination in the space of an hour. At least I think that’s what the last one was. It could have been a dream that Superman was having, it was very ambiguous, and confusing.
  3. If you have not read the comics or at least read wikipedia, there are at least 6 things you will not understand unless they mention it in the next movie. I stopped counting after six.
  4. I heard quite a few people mumbling in surprise at certain times at Batman’s behavior. This is the only film portrayal of Batman that shows how cruel and violent he can actually be. The Nolan film’s hinted at it, but never actually went there. Guess what? In the comics, Batman kind of lost the plot for a while and became an asshole. For once, they actually show it. Sort of.
  5. Batman does know how to swear.
  6. At least half the film was filled with hints and build-up to the inevitable Justice League film that’s coming out next year, and the plot got neglected because of it.
  7. Wonder Woman was awesome, and didn’t get enough screen time. She deserves her own film. Seriously, why are studios so afraid of having stand-alone female superhero films? At least half the audience is female, and no doubt men would love seeing a bikini armor covered chick kick some ass. Hell, it worked for Xena.
  8. Last but not least, and I can’t believe I am actually saying this;

Ben Affleck….is not the worst Batman ever.

He was pretty good. But I still think there is someone out there who could do it better. One day the perfect Batman will be found. One day.