Unlike it’s predecessor Olympus Has Fallen, this film, London Has Fallen, is kind of tame.

Yeah the action is kind of cool to watch, but really, without a decent plot, the movie falls short.

London Has Fallen once again follows Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, the top secret agent of the Secret Service, as he  tries to save the american president, Benjamin Asher.(Aaron Eckhart)

A simple premise, but instead of being set on american soil, the story has now moved to London, where the British Prime Minister has died and all the state dignitaries must attend his funeral.

Cue a few assassinations, some chase sequences, Banning stabbing people to death multiple times, and you have a halfway decent action film.

Unfortunately, that’s all that is good about it. I know you don’t really need much more from an action film other than action, but the best ones have a decent plot. This film just seems to stagger along with no forward momentum, with only snatches of a decent story line. The villain isn’t that particularly frightening and his logic makes no sense, the side story of a mole within the British security system is short and pointless, and the entire presence of the British security forces seemed unnecessary and useless, as the Americans seemed to be able to do more for everyone an ocean away from where the action was taking place, which felt completely nonsensical.

Apart from this, Banning’s dry humor and violent nature are what made the film for me. His brute honesty with the president and his ridiculing of the villain gave the film a touch of reality, and seeing him do the work of twenty was pretty awesome to watch.

I give this film a 2.5 out of 5.