Well this was just a shitfest of a film. There’s nothing quite like Hollywood taking a decent book and saying ‘fuck it, lets change everything’.

This film is the third in the Divergent series. It follows directly after the events of the second film. Tris and the gang decide they want to know what is outside the gates of the city, so they leave, and what they discover is pretty bleak.

The film started out okay. There was even a pretty cool action scene of the gang abseiling up and down a wall. That’s where it stopped being interesting.

From there the plot seemed to go nowhere. There was a sort of build up to a climatic action scene, but the build-up really made no sense, and the supposed climax was actually very anti-climatic. Not only have the creators of this film changed the plot, they changed the purpose of the characters as well, which really threw me off. The characters ideals keep see-sawing between films, and it makes them feel incredibly un-realistic. They have even introduced a character that should have been in it from number one. Throwing him in here make his motivations difficult to comprehend.

The first film was somewhat true to the book. It had some understandable changes to it that made sense. The second film had some pretty drastic changes that served a confusing purpose, and the third one? Well, let’s just say that the writers seemed to decide that the third book was just a guideline. Half of what happened never occurred at all in the books, and what did happen didn’t make any sense at all. Most of it didn’t even seem to line up with the previous films.  There was nothing to drive the characters to their actions at all. There was nothing. And the ending? Jeeeesus.

I haven’t left the cinema feeling so pissed off about a movie since Fantastic Four came out.

And Miles Teller is in this pile of dog crap of a film too!

It wasn’t until I got home and did some research that I discovered that Hollywood had once again decided to make two films from one book. Which is somewhat of an explanation as to why this first part was so horrible. I don’t understand the need to split books up into so many films anymore. I know it is just another scheme to make more money, but what’s the cost? We, the audience are left with crappy half movies instead of one whole, good movie. This series wasn’t anything spectacular to begin with. It was like The Hunger Games meets The Maze Runner meets Harry Potter meets any other dystopic teenage story written in the last ten years. However, what it did have was good. It may have been a familiar story, but it was still a good story, and Hollywood managed to fuck it up. If they had bothered to leave it as one film, and actually put some effort into trying to make it good, the film would have been something to praise.

Now however, I have to wait another year before the last part comes out, and after seeing this cringe worthy attempt, I’m not even sure that I want to see the next one. I may just wait until it comes out on DVD. Hell, even then I may not bother with it, I am so pissed off.

I know that when an adaptation is made a lot of what is in books is left out or changed and re-written in order for the story to make sense on the screen. I get the need for that, I truly do. But when you make so many changes, you loose the essence of what made the book good. Just look at the Hobbit films. That book is an amazing classic. Splitting it into two films would have been fine, in fact it kid of made sense. But making it into three films ruined it,  and this crap just keeps on happening. The same thing with The Hunger Games series. You didn’t need two endings for that franchise. Merging the last two films into one would have made the ending that much better.

But no. The film industry is all about making money. Making decent films doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.

All I can say to end this, is that I am so glad that I had a free ticket to see Alligiant. It is really not worth spending the money to see it.

I give it a 1 out of 5, and that is being generous.