God Help the Girl is a quirky little oddball film filled with well composed musical numbers, romance, and the occasional drama.

Written and directed by Stuart Murdoch from the band Belle and Sebastian, the film follows Eve, played by Emily Blunt. Eve is a young woman who has been institutionalized to deal with her anorexia.. Believing herself to be well she leaves the hospital and moves in with Anton (Olly Alexander), a musician whose ambition to make one great song that will be loved by all. Along with guitar student Cassie (Hannah Murray), they form a band and try to make a name for themselves.

The film is often strange, with random musical numbers in places that don’t really make sense. At times it felt as if I had missed something, with some of the scenes jumping into moments that did not make sense within the timeline of the film. I guess this was done in order to encapsulate Eve’s frame of mind, however all it really did was drag the film along. It isn’t one of those stories that builds up to anything, it panders along. Although two or three songs are catchy, the majority all sound the same. If it wasn’t for the lyrics, I would have believed that they were all the same song.

The film is overly sentimental and whimsical yet oddly charming in it’s own way. I just wish it hadn’t gone so long.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

 Watch if you enjoyed Once, You Again or 500 Days of Summer.

Watch the trailer here