This movie is weird. It’s the good kind of weird though, so I like it. The title alone would make you think that it is a horror film, but it isn’t. I mean, it can certainly fit horror as a sub-genre, but I wouldn’t say it’s a full on horror. Calling this a horror film, is like calling Shaun of the Dead a horror film. There are aspects of yuck in there, but it’s more humorous than scary.

The film is about Ava (Louisa Krauss), a survivor of a demonic possession, by the demon Naphula. After her exorcism, she is rather flippant about her actions during the month long possession, but as things progress, she realises that she caused too much harm to be ignored, and is forced into joining a rehab program for the recently possessed. Either that or she has to go to prison. Yes, in this film, demonic possession is so common, that there are AA meetings for survivors.  In the program, Ava meets an eclectic group of people, and must apologise to everyone for her actions, which include a doctor, a prostitute, and a man who she only knows as Conrad.  Whilst trying to recover, she suffers from hallucinations, relapsed memory, the whole shebang.

The film is pretty entertaining. It doesn’t have the outright laugh factor of Shaun of the Dead, but it has it’s moments. It is light hearted B grade humour, with a story that is captivating enough to draw you in. It’s an interesting take on the demonic possession idea. I quite enjoyed the fact that everyone acted as if demons were an everyday occurrence, and not some weird random shit that couldn’t possibly exist. It’s so common there is a Spiritual Possession Anonymous group. I love it. Like, if the show Supernatural flashed forward a hundred years and the world suddenly became aware of the supernatural world around them, this is what would be the result. Except it’s told in a less cheesy fashion.

Seriously, that show is getting very mid-day tv show dramatic. They should change the name into Days of Our Lives with the Supernatural.

With a story that is quirky enough to be entertaining, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Watch if you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Watch the trailer here