Despite what the majority of critical reviews are saying, this film is quite fun to watch. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Despite the fact that at times it felt as if there were too many characters and the plot seemed ridiculous, this film packs a lot of explosions and some  great effects that are a joy to see play out.

The film is set exactly twenty years after the first film. Whilst America and the world are celebrating their victory and world peace, the alien race comes back to destroy humanity and the earth in order to power it’s fleet of ships.

Now, whilst I find it utterly ridiculous that the hive mother of the aliens would wait twenty years to come and attack the earth, and even more ridiculous that they would come back on the exact day that they arrived before, the utter ridiculousness of the situation is what makes the film fascinating. The first film was over the top fun, and so is this one. The film was never going to have an awe-blowing plot that would astound us all. It was always going to be clichéd, over blown and action packed. The purpose of these films isn’t to be overly meaningful and poignant, they are just there to be fun and entertaining. Like the majority of action packed sci-fi films.

The main downside for me was the amount of characters. There were just too many of them and it was hard to keep track of them all. More of them should have been killed off in order for the story to be well rounded, like the first film where most of the secondary characters were killed off at vary points. It made more sense. Here, the alien ship covers half the planet, there are twice as many smaller ships, but there are twice as many human survivors, which makes no sense. The were major indicators of a third one (way more than Batman vs. Superman), so hopefully they will cut back on the secondary characters there. Or make a spin-off tv show. Though that would probably suck.

Another disappointment at times was the plot. It was going great for awhile, but at points things got confusing and stupid, then something would explode and I forgot about the plot for a while longer. Whether this was intentional or not I don’t know, but it worked for me.

Overall I enjoyed the film, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Besides, Jeff Goldblum is always fun to watch.

I give the film a 4 out of 5.

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