I have mixed feelings about this movie. I liked the previous films, including The Bourne Legacy. This newest addition to the franchise gives us everything that we had previously been given in the other films. Espionage, conspiracy, intrigue, fast paced action. The downside to all of this, is that it is expected and not all that invigorating. There is nothing in this film that we haven’t seen before, and after four movies, there should be more to the story.

Set roughly a decade after The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason is forced to resurface when former CIA operative Nicky Parsons tells him that she has discovered something from his past that he needs to know.

Whilst Matt Damon is amazing as Bourne yet again, the story itself is boring in comparison to its predecessors. I never really felt an ‘edge of your seat’ need to know what was going to happen, simply because I had it figured out within the first fifteen minutes of the film. There is no real intrigue, just a fleeting idea of it. The concept of Bourne discovering things from his past is overdone.  How can the franchise move forward if the story is mired in the past? It is time to move forward already. I was also hoping that there would be some link to the Legacy film, but there was nothing outstanding. Just a few hidden words that mentioned the programs.

Although the action sequences were fun to watch, the shaky camera movements grew to be annoying. It was always something that bothered me in the other installments, and it still bugs me now. I’m not paying good money to see fight scenes that are full of close-ups of Matt Damon’s hair or shirt. I want to see them clearly, and properly. Take a step back and film the damn thing in a way that is clear to see. Besides, the whole thing gives me a headache.

So overall, the film was passable, but underwhelming. Hopefully, if there is another installment in the franchise, it will be better.

I give the film a 3 out of 5.