Suicide Squad is Warner Bros latest attempt to copycat the success of Marvel films with their adaptation of DC comics. And that’s their biggest problem right there. They are trying too hard to be like Marvel, and they can’t be. Although the Marvel films are incredibly different from the comics, they are enjoyable because they have a good story, funny dialogue that isn’t too cheesy, and plot holes that are easy to overlook within the scope of the story, because everything else is pretty awesome.

DC comics are notably more darker than their competitor, and any attempt to try and make them more family friendly, really does not do them justice. Not only does it insult the fans, but it is a giant middle finger to the incredibly in depth stories that the comics hold.

It is why so many Superman and Batman films have failed in the past, and why Christopher Nolan’s versions were so popular. Nolan’s version of Batman was popular, because it was incredibly different to any other comic adaption at the time, the dialogue wasn’t cringe worthy, the stories mostly made sense, the action scenes were amazing, and it felt real. Warner Bros need to rethink their strategy with their film adaptations, because this realism is what is lacking from all the films since the reboots started with Man of Steel.

Man of Steel was okay. I have never been a particular fan of Superman, but this film was probably my favorite out of them all, plot wise at least.

Then we had Batman vs. Superman, which was a giant dump of crap and it honestly makes me angry to think about it.

Now we have Suicide Squad, and it’s okay. It’s not as great as everyone had hoped it would be, but it’s okay.

The beginning of the film is so slow. It takes forever to introduce the characters, and there is an in-depth history of only two of the squad members. The others are brushed over, as if they don’t really matter in the big scope of things. Then once the story really gets going, the plot holes start to show themselves, in a very glaring way, and things get a little confusing. The mission objective of the Suicide Squad stops making sense, and you start to wonder why they are needed in the first place. The motivations of the characters gets hazy and don’t make sense and at times left me wondering just what the hell was going on.

The only character that I understood was Harley Quinn. I honestly thought that the film makers were going to change her drastically from the comics, but it’s a fairly decent portrayal of the character. Not top notch but still pretty good. They did a somewhat good job of describing her abuse at the hands of the Joker and her dysfunctional love of him, but it felt as if they were brushing over it for the most part.

The same goes for Deadshot. He is the most bad ass character of the film, and his action scenes looked almost as if they were right out of a video game. The funniest character is easily Captain Boomerang, the oddest is El Diablo, and the hardest to understand is Killer Croc. It was like Bane in The Dark Knight Rises all over again. Most of his dialogue was muttered and could barely be heard, or I couldn’t understand it.

The creepiest character however, was not the Joker. Jared Leto did an okay job, but I admit to not being all that satisfied with his portrayal. There was only one scene that I thought he was particularly creepy, but it was fleeting.

Overall the film was okay. So far it’s the best DC film since The Dark Knight Rises. The action scenes were cool, especially watching Deadshot never missing a shot and Harley Quinn beating everything to death with a baseball bat. But overall, it is not a film that I would rush out to go and see again. If the story had been more fleshed out, then I think the film could have been great, but sadly, that’s not what we were given.

I give it a 3 out of 5.

Watch if you enjoy any Batman film, Man of Steel or anything comic book related.

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