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Ghostbusters (2016)

What can I say about the new reboot of this 80’s classic? Not much honestly so here are the cliff notes.

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Ava’s Possessions (2015)

This movie is weird. It’s the good kind of weird though, so I like it. The title alone would make you think that it is a horror film, but it isn’t. I mean, it can certainly fit horror as a sub-genre, but I wouldn’t say it’s a full on horror. Calling this a horror film, is like calling Shaun of the Dead a horror film. There are aspects of yuck in there, but it’s more humorous than scary.

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The Nice Guys (2016)

Shane Black is one of my favourite writers/directors. His movies are always action packed and humorous, and are almost always about cops or private detectives, and his new film hasn’t disappointed me.

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He Never Died (2015)

I watched a pretty good movie tonight called He Never Died. Starring Henry Rollins, the film is about Jack, a man who lives a simple, and seemingly boring life, until his daughter Andrea arrives on his doorstep. Then, all hell breaks loose, and we discover that there is far more to this mysterious man’s life than we first believed.

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Chef is one of those movies that you go to see for two simple reasons, 1) for the stars in it, and 2), as a reprieve from the mindless blockbusters that we are continuously bombarded with.

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