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Luke Cage (2016)

Luke Cage is okay. That’s it. It’s okay. I would not rate it as highly as Daredevil, but it is still good. The title character was pretty good in Jessica Jones and his own show, but nothing was particularly memorable to me.

The episodes were very predictable, there were a few too many monologues. Not to mention, there were too many villains. I was also annoyed by the amount of questions that won’t be answered until season two. There was also a lot of name drops of people who are apparently important but never see. I hope I don’t have to remember them for next season.

What was good about the show? The music, the prison episode, and Mariah Dillard in the episode “Manifest”.

Otherwise I was unimpressed with the show. It had promise but ultimately led nowhere.



Stranger Things (2016)

I was a bit iffy about this series when it first came out. I don’t know why. I think it was because I had forgotten how great an actor Winona Ryder is. So it took me a awhile to actually sit down and watch it. I figured I would watch one episode before bed just to see how it was. Next thing I knew the sun was rising and the season was over. The show is so good, that I did not even notice that I had binged the whole thing until it was over. Thank god for the discovery of caffeine, otherwise I would have crashed hard before lunch. I bow before the god of caffeine!! Is there a god of caffeine? I’m getting sidetracked.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980’s, and is filled with nostalgic references to all things horror related in the 80’s. When a young boy named Will goes missing, his mother and best friends start an investigation into his disappearance, and as their search unfolds, they discover mysteries from secretive government agencies, supernatural creatures, and an odd orphan girl.

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Sunday Viewing:- Good Witch (2015-)

For a lazy weekend, I like to watch simple, fun and cheesy kind of shows. Most of my Sundays are spent watching shows like Gilmore Girls, Grace and Frankie, and Will & Grace. in between episodes (i.e waiting for the internet to speed up to actually play the episode) I try and find more shows that have potential for Sunday viewing. My most recent find has been the Hallmark show, Good Witch.

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Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a delightfully funny show aired on Netflix. The show follows Grace, a retired cosmetic business woman, and Frankie, a hippie artist. The lives of these women are turned upside down when their husbands Robert and Sol announce that they are in love with other, and wish to divorce their wives so that they can finally be an open couple after keeping their affair a secret for twenty years. Grace and Frankie, who do not seem to like each other very much, are forced into supporting each other and move into a beach house, and together, they learn to deal with being single women once more.

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2015 in Review

What a year it has been for films this year! We’ve seen the resurfacing of some old classic favorites, said hello to some new animations worth obsessing over, and said goodbye to some actors through their last works. We’ve seen so many records broken, and so many flops it has been difficult to keep track of them all. I didn’t get the chance to review as many films and television shows as I would have liked, primarily because I am insanely lazy, but there have been so many good films this year, I doubt I would have had time to review them all anyway.

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Vampires Worth Watching

There are so many vampire movies out there, and it is difficult to pick which ones I think are the best, which is why I have compiled a list of vampires films that I currently like. I have avoided adding movies that include werewolves and other supernatural creatures, simply because I may do another list based on that sub-genre. This list is short, but it includes some new favourites and an old favourite. I believe that all of these should be on every bodies list of must see movies, even if you are not a fan of vampires.

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Scream: The TV Series.

For those of you who are fans of the franchise, Yes, Scream has now made the move from film series, to television series. More scariness to go around!

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Spy Month!

To celebrate the release of The Man from U.N.C.L.E, I have decided to review some of my favourite spy flicks until the end of the month.    Beginning tomorrow , I will be exploring secret agencies, conspiracies, strange gadgets, elaborate chase sequences and, best of all, spies and their deadly adversaries.

So stay tuned for a month of espionage!


The new Netflix Original Series Sense8, comes from the amazing minds behind The Matrix trilogy and Babylon 5, The Wachowskis and J.Michael Straczynski. The show is complex and ballsy, with it’s many characters and many locations. The show is about a group of strangers, known as ‘Sensates’. Each live in different cities around the world, and none have met before, until one day, after witnessing a tragic death, they can suddenly communicate with each other mentally and emotionally.  Whilst trying to figure what is happening to them, a mysterious stranger they call Whispers is trying to hunt them down for his own sinister scientific purposes.

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