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Luke Cage (2016)

Luke Cage is okay. That’s it. It’s okay. I would not rate it as highly as Daredevil, but it is still good. The title character was pretty good in Jessica Jones and his own show, but nothing was particularly memorable to me.

The episodes were very predictable, there were a few too many monologues. Not to mention, there were too many villains. I was also annoyed by the amount of questions that won’t be answered until season two. There was also a lot of name drops of people who are apparently important but never see. I hope I don’t have to remember them for next season.

What was good about the show? The music, the prison episode, and Mariah Dillard in the episode “Manifest”.

Otherwise I was unimpressed with the show. It had promise but ultimately led nowhere.



Marvel’s Daredevil: Review

Daredevil, the newest Marvel installment, is a darker and grittier universe than what we have come to expect from the comic adaptations. Unlike its predecessors, such as Iron Man and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which deal with the more, fantastical and alien aspects of the superhero universe, Daredevil dedicates itself to the everyday people on the ground, who try to have regular lives in the city.

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